Guidelines for Study Exchange for LIKO Tampere/Business Administration Students

International Coordinator 2017 - 2018 for LIKO & Proakatemia

  • Ms. Riitta Vihuri
    Planning your exchange, Planning of Learning Agreements, Accreditation of completed exchange studies

General Guidelines

As a TAMK Liko Tampere /Business Administration student you can leave for your exchange during second year if you are specialising in marketing or international business, or third year (especially in financial management, legal expertise). Proakatemia students can leave for exhange during spring semester of second year at earliest.

When planning your exchange please pay attention to the following details:

  • Make sure that you finish all pending assignments and that you rewrite all courses graded with "0" before your exchange starts; your exchange candidacy may depend on this!
  • As a LIKO Tampere student it is possible for you to extend your exchange to one year by combining two Study Exhanges or one Study Exchange and a Practical Training Abroad.

For some destinations there may be more applicants than TAMK has places in the exchange agreement. You can get some extra points in the selection process if you

  • improve your language skills in languages related to the cultural area where you are heading (e.g. by studying German if German speaking countries are your goal, or e.g. Japanese or Chinese especially if Asia is your exchange goal),
  • collect extra points by taking part in International Tutoring training and welcoming incoming students to TAMK,
  • collect extra points by doing Area Studies at TAMK or e.g. Asian Studies through Asianet (especially if Asia is your exchange goal).

You need to do quite a lot of research on the website of the university you are interested in. Below some key word to help you with example links:

  • EXCHANGE STUDENTS (or ERASMUS if the university is in Europe)
  • UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES (= for Bachelor Degree students!), POSTGRADUATE (= Master's Degree - not for Bachelor's students)


Presentation of TAMK  Double Degree Studies

TAMK School of Business and Services has signed a Double Degree Agreement with Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS), Salford University and Kedge Business School. LIKO / IB students are able to apply for those Double Degree Programmes in Jan 2019 during the ordinary TAMK exchange application process in Solemove. LIKO students with fluent English skills can also apply for the Double Degree Programme.




Riitta Vihuri,