Training after graduation, outgoing

Purpose of the instructions

These instructions guide students about to graduate to follow the correct procedure when applying for a training period abroad and whilst there.

This possibility exists only in Europe in Erasmus+ eligible countries: List


Acquiring a training placement  / Approval by TAMK / Grant application / After the period abroad


1. Acquiring a training placement

The training placement must be acquired and the Learning Agreement signed by all parties before the official graduation date.



Uploading the agreement into SoleMOVE

After you have all the required signatures in the completed training agreement, you must log into the SoleMOVE mobility database

- Select TAMK as your university and log in with LDAP using your normal TAMK used ID and password.

- Select "Application form for outgoing student mobility" and select mobility type "P - Placement"

- Fill in your details and the exact duration of the work placement (NB! minimum 90 days) in "Other"

- In the "Exchange study information" press "Add new institution/enterprise"

- In the pop-up window select "New" and fill in the details of your training place.

- In "Enclosures" upload the correct placement agreement in the right place.

     (Other enclosures only apply to students doing their training in a university lab / clinic)

- Check and send your application


2. Approval by TAMK

Although the training months are calculated into the degree level quota (12 months per degree level) from which the student is about to graduate, the training does not yield credits, even when successfully completed. The learning agreement is signed by TAMK International Services and there is no need for approval from the degree programme.


3. Grants for 2018-2019


Group 1: Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom

570 eur per full month


Group 2:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

520 eur per full month



  • Daily grant amounts for days over the full months are calculated  by dividing the monthly grant by 30.
  • The first installment of the grant (80%) will be paid no earlier than 1 month before departure date. The final grant amount will be calculated once TAMK International Services receives a copy of the training / work certificate. After final calculations the student will be either awarded the remaining grant or sent an invoice for the outstanding amount.


In order to apply for TAMK grants, return the original hand-signed version of the

APURAHASOPIMUS  (täytä koneella!!!!)   or   GRANT AGREEMENT  (fill in on computer!!!)



Should the need to arise to cancel or interrupt the exchange, contact must be made first to the International Services before making any arrangements (i.e. booking flights, stopping payments on rent). Interruptions of exchanges may result in claiming back all or part of the grant issued before the exchange, and therefore require a decision from either TAMK or the Finnish National Agency CIMO.

Cancellations or interruptions of exchanges must be submitted with the following eForm:


4. After the period abroad

After TAMK International Services receives a copy of the work / training certificate, the recent graduate is issued the second installment of their grant, which is recalculated based on the actual attendance dates.

All participants in the Erasmus+ programme (= receiving an Erasmus+ grant)  receive an automatic feedback request directly from the EU Commission. Second installment of the Erasmus+ grant can only be paid after the mandatory feedback is given.